Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Body building

Since my last post about the O&K and despite recent distractions (!) it has made surprisingly rapid progress. The body is not complicated, and with minimal cleaning up the parts they were assembled using Epoxy over the course of a few evenings. The most time-consuming job was opening out the coupler blocks and buffer beams for the Microtrains couplings, ensuring they will be at the correct height. These will be fitted after painting, as will the starting handle, to be attached on the inside of the rear sheet.

The kit instructions are very good and include black-and-white photos, nonetheless I have found it helpful to refer to my own photos taken at Amberley last year. There are several O&K's there, but this blue one is the prototype for the kit:

For more photos click here to see the set.

The next question - what colour should I paint it? I have a feeling these were originally supplied in red, can anyone confirm that? I'm not sure about that blue, though it is different and shows up the red controls well. On the other hand I have some of the green I used for the Lister left...
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Phil Parker said...

Industrial things = Green

Christian said...

Love the blue personally. Why not include chipped paintwork with red underneath to show the original finish?