Sunday, 8 July 2012

Update From The Coachworks

So here's how the Egger Bash is coming on. I've created the brake composite by adding a door to the side and blocking up the adjacent windows as per the mock-up in the last post. This has worked quite well, the door window is exactly the same size as the other narrow windows as are both panels. The door itself is rather narrow in reality, but it looks OK so let's not be picky!

Also visible in the above photo is that I have cut away the chassis outriggers (which implied a welded steel chassis, out of character for the style I am after), and added a new frame. The body has also been raised by the addition of strips of 40-thou plastic, helpful as the H0 scale body is a little low for 00 scale people!

There is a double line of beading moulded into the body side, but along the bottom edge the lower bead is barely formed. So having deepened the side I used fine microstrip to reinstate the bead, which should hide the join too. This is quite difficult to see being white-on-white - I won't really know how well it has worked until the body is primed - but hopefully this photo gives the idea.

I've added some internal partitions...

...and started work on the balconies. These have a planked floor, but for some reason the outermost plank is much wider than the others, then there is a gap where the end fitted. I've narrowed the odd plank and added another of similar size, reducing the gap at the end too. The balconies will be critical to the look of the coach - they will be rather different to the original coach, and I have a plan forming!

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