Saturday, 23 July 2011

Animal Barn Painted

You've probably guessed from recent posts that there have been distractions from modelling of late, however I have been making slow progress with little things. For example some detailing parts for Awngate have been primed and are being painted, and there are some more wagons for Landswood Park on the workbench. More on those another time, but I have also completed the animal barn.

The bricks were painted individually, in a similar manner to the the other buildings. The wood was given several coats of thinned enamels to get the almost-black creosote of the wooden structure at Tatton, the corrugated iron roof is also near-black to represent the tar coating used in the days before zinc plating. However what has really brought it to life is a dusting of weathering powders, a grey to give to woodwork a fading, silvery hint, which nicely emphasises the grain of the wood, and the first signs of rust on the roof.

This is the view that will be apparent once on the layout. The final job was to attach the doors, which puzzled me as there would be virtually no material to glue (the hinges are imitation). My solution was to drill small holes into the edge of the doors, and into the end of the planking at the sides of the doorway. I then used L-shaped pieces of steel wire (well, staples) pushed into the doors then into the sides of the opening. The result is virtually invisible but works well, I haven't even added any glue.
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