Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Barn

The third and final building is the animal barn. This is used for rearing the young cattle and pigs, and has a track running into it for animal feed delivery, and of course mucking out! Tatton Park Farm had a large wooden barn structure in the centre of the farmyard, so I was aiming for something similar, although the dimensions are set by the adjacent tracks and a need to have it high enough to hide the end of the box file. As with the other buildings that meant a removable section to allow the box file lid to close, and of course it is "low-relief" otherwise the entire box-file would be buildings!

The shell is from 40" black plasticard, with a slaters brick base, the wooden planking is from coffee stirrers procured from various coffee emporiums. This is the first time I have used them, and I am quite pleased with the result, although I would say they are best suited to larger scales. The roof uses Slaters corrugated iron. Compared to the other brick and slate buildings this should provide a nice variation of materials.

At least this building has square corners and parallel sides, making it easier, but even so getting the roof to slot in neatly adds an extra challenge. The tabs under the roof slot into the slots in the false ceiling.

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Phil Parker said...

Neat work with the horizontal split. I hadn't spotted the break from the first picture but using those verticals is very clever.