Tuesday, 12 October 2010

I've always wanted a kit-car ...

I haven't been managing much modelling recently but I have just completed this car, which has slowly taken shape on the odd evenings I've got the tools out. It's a Morris 8 Tourer from the 1930's, using a Springside kit I actually picked up at EXPONG last October!

Although these days there are hoardes of excellent, cheap, scale model cars - ready-painted, nicely detailed, and ready to park on the layout - for some reason they are all post-war models, and just seemed too new for Awngate. So I was forced to use this kit, although it was an enjoyable excercise in white metal, when you think of building a kit-car you'd think of something bigger?!

For some reason I couldn't get the whitemetal hood to fit, I suspect that the kit designer forgot that the hood overlaps the body, so some serious butchery would have been required. I decided that it would be nice to model the car open, so to hide the lack of hood and rear-seat detail I made a tonneau cover from a bit of brown envelope.

I googled for some images when it came to painting, and found I had a tin of red/maroon enamel which seemed to match the red ones nicely. It's gloss paint, which I don't normally use, but here it has given the effect of a new and well-cared for car, as it would have been in the period of the model. Also the black mudguards are slighly gloss, contrasting with the matt tonneau and wheels. The finish may not be perfect, but given the vehicle is about an inch long, I'm as happy as I'll ever be!

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Tom Campbell said...

Nicely done!

Phil Parker said...

Well done. Springside vehicle kits never (in my experience) fit together very well but that looks lovely.

4catsandme said...

a nice car nicely put together and painted accordingly - but Michael please fit licence plates!

Michael Campbell said...

Thanks folks. You're right about licence plates, I should be able to print something off - just need to figure out what it should be. Someone is bound to pick up that it is the wrong year/region/actually on his great-uncles motorbike, or something!

Needs glass in the windscreen too, but somehow that is less obvious!