Tuesday, 22 June 2010

A brace of vans

A little while back an internet friend offered me some surpless kits and bits for Welshpool style wagons, I think they were Nine Lines kits. He'd started them, made some modifications, but lost interest and realised they didn't fit with his plans. I'd guess they'd been kicking around his workbench for a while for a few of the parts were damaged or mising - such as most of the wheels! Still there are enough parts to make up 5 wagons, I picked up some wheels at Sparsholt and have been slowly working on the brakevan, cattle van and goods van.

They make up into rather nice vehicles, slighly larger than most of my stock but not excessively so. The kits have needed some fettling though, and depsite my best efforts all 4 wheels are not quite level - so the solebar/axlebox mouldings are not very accurate! If necessary I'll have to re-work the chassis but they may be OK. I've had to use a few bits of plasticard, including supports for the running boards of the brake van, I've made plasticard roofs using the boiling water method, and added handrails from wire. They have had lead sheet added under the floor for weight, so now all they need are couplings and painting.
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Phil Parker said...

Try bending the solebars out a bit so the pinpoints aren't hard in the bearings. That oftne induces enough movement to give you flat chassis.

Michael Campbell said...

I have a little, the trouble is that the hole in one axlebox is slightly higher than that in the other. Since both sides are from the same mould, but of course reversed, the effect is doubled as the axles skew in opposite directions! I might have to open the holes up a little, or try something more drastic ... but they may be OK so we'll see.

Tom said...

Nice! I think the W&L wagon kits are some of the nicest 009 wagons you can get.

Anonymous said...

The wheels actually went into Dundas VoR bogies instead of the normal 6.2mm diameter ones. The bogies will eventually go under balony versions of the Ashover coaches, some with guards compartments like the W&L