Friday, 29 January 2010

A Railcar Project

I've finally got around to starting a railcar kit that I picked up at Expo NG in October. Well, I say kit, but it is a Worsley Works "Scratch Aid" kit, and consists simply of the sides, ends, and a floor for the railcar, etched in brass. I also got a Kato 4-wheel chassis that should fit nicely, albeit with somewhat small wheels, but I doubt that will be obvious when complete. So there will be quite a lot of extra work involved with this one, mating the body to the chassis (it isn't designed for any particular chassis), adding glazing, interior, a roof, underframe, and all the other details needed to complete the model.

The prototype for this railcar was one Drewry supplied to the West Clare railway in Ireland in 1927, it was actually made by Baguley. Of course it was also 3' gauge, but it was quite small so will look fine against my stock, which is mostly based on 2' to 2'6" prototypes. The specs were:

- weight: 5½Tons
- engine: 4 cyl petrol; 40hp?
- driving wheels: 24"
- wheelbase: 8'9"
- length: 20'0"
- width: 6'9"

Thanks to help from the NGRM forum, I also found some prototype photos, which seem quite hard to come by, at the Clare Library website, Here and Here. The Weston, Clevendon, and Portishead standard gauge light railway had a similar design of railcar from the same company, as seen here.

Now I've fancied a railcar for Awngate for a while, but many seemed to be too modern, required turning or running in pairs, or just looked a bit tricky to model! This one seems to have the right character, size, and being a generic sort of design from a company that sold to anyone (rather than a design associated with a certain line), it should seem at home on Awngate. I've already made a start on assembling the body, so more updates should follow soon.


Mike Beard said...

I always enjoy reading your blog.

Do you have any more pictures of the "pubescent" Welshpool?

Oh yes, a Happy New Year if its not too late. Getting much sleep?

Mike Beard

Michael Campbell said...

Thanks Mike.

No more photos of Spirit of Welshpool yet, but I have heard it is progressing well, with most of the buildings seen in last month's post now complete (Mark made the most of being snowed in for several days!. The layout is booked to appear at Sparsholt in April, it won't be complete but it should be looking good.

Sleep? Oh limited at the moment!

Paul said...

Please note that the link from the railcar page to the Weston, Clevedon & Portishead Railway website should be changed to

Michael Campbell said...

Thanks Paul, link updated.