Saturday, 12 January 2008

Building in progress!

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Here's a picture of the station and goods shed under construction. The brick wall runs down the centre, the posts at the front will support an overall roof, the wooden goods-shed is behind. Since this picture was taken I have cut doorways into the wall, and a gable-end of the station office for the rear left corner. Construction is from Plasticard with Wills and Slaters sheets, and Plastruct square-section for the wooden supports.
The picture also shows my portable workbench! I constructed this to allow me to do my model making in the evenings, in front of the telly or on the dining room table. It lives in the cupboard that the railway sits on, along with my toolbox, so is very convenient. The workbench consists of an A3 cutting mat on an MDF base, with a raised shelf for tracks in both 00 and 009 (unpowered but useful for coupling height setup), on the left is a mini-vice and a V-shaped piece of wood for saw cutting. There is space for oddments, materials, part-constructed models etc.

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