Saturday, 1 April 2017

Work starts on a new layout...

Yes, I have started a new layout....

I've been doodling plans for some time, and will expand on those in a future post. Suffice for now to say it's 009, and will eventually fill the space on the bookshelf occupied by Awngate, so is a similar size (albeit a little longer). It also uses the "Super-Fiddle-Yard" built for Awngate a couple of years back, meaning I've had to make the end to match.


There's some experimentation going on here. I have a plan for where I want to end up, and working back from that I decided to start back-to-front, or at least outside-in. So what you see here is the back-scene with end boards, the middle will follow shortly!

I got some good quality 3mm birch ply from a local timber merchant, who did a few cuts for me so they are straight, and I could fit the bits in the car! I also got various bits of small section timber, some from the off-cuts bin.


The fiddle yard is joined using the same split hinge system as for Awngate - I got an extra set at the time, which have had to be aligned. I've added a timber frame to the base of the fiddle yard to raise it about 1.5", as the Awngate base-board is very shallow, and this one will be deeper. The frame can be unscrewed for use with Awngate, which has another show booking yet!


Round the back is the other hinge making a rigid and self-aligning join. B&Q do a "Hockey-stick" timber section that is ideal for the top of back-scene brace, and their cheap staple-gun is a good way to attach it.

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joppy said...

I'll be following this avidly, especially as I've just started on my first small layout for a long time.