Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Engine Shed Completed

I didn't publish any pictures of the completed engine shed on the layout before Sparsholt, mainly as I didn't have time,  so here are a few. As you can see from a normal viewing position it blocks the exit nicely, and with a Glyn Valley Tramway loco filling the doorway you can see how it ended up this size! Not very clear at this angle, but there is a brick wall around the right-hand side of the shed to hold back the ground.

Pleasingly the details are just about visible through the open doors, provided I don't actually park a loco in there of course! I only used two of the figures from the Wills pack, just enough to add some life without over-crowding the scene. After all it's a loco repair shed of a small railway, not a factory. The card floor has just the right texture for cement, and the inspection pit looks OK, even though it is only a scale 18" deep. The building was bedded into the layout with my usual plaster/sand/powder paint mix which works well here for compacted ash, plus some scatter along the walls.

With the roof removed the detail can be seen better, although the workbench against the near wall can't! The drive shaft was fitted to the building and the lathe, pillar drill, and motor to the floor, so the drive bands had to be made and fitted (from brown evelope paper) after the building was stuck in place, a rather fiddly job.

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Phil Parker said...

I like the idea that you only see the details when the loco isn't parked there. That way, at different times, the model looks a bit different.