Friday, 6 May 2011


There have been a number of distractions from model building recently, including a short business trip to Holland. My word, it's flat. I mean I knew that - but having driven from Amsterdam to Eindhoven (about 1 3/4 hours) and not seen a hill of any sort, it makes Norfolk look like Snowdonia!

Holland is also known for it's canals, but I hadn't realised how extensively the network of canals spread across the country. They are not like Canals in the UK either - limited to narrow boats and now only used by holiday makers, or overgrown and full of old shopping trolleys. No these are very much in use for large barges carrying goods around the country:

This barge was actually quite unusual as most seemed to have a car strapped to the roof of the cabin, with a derrick to lift it off! Mind you, cars have to wait while the barges pass as you can see. Again ...

Mind you, these lifting bridges are quite attractive, this one in a town centre was feature-lit at night!

It's great to see these canals still being used for their original purpose, and keeping freight off the roads. Talking of transport, Amsterdam Schiphol airport is well-connected with a railway station under the concourse. It is a massive airport, I must have walked a good mile between the front door and the gate. Mind you that was nothing compared to what the plane had to do to take off, of the SIX runways my plane had to taxi to the furthest, 7km from the control tower, and crossing TWO motorway's on the way! I was beginning to think we would need a ferry to get home ...
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I live in the neighbourhood of these bridges

I have a drawing of this type of bridge