Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Coventry Transport Museum

We had a family visit to the Coventry Transport Museum the other day - an interesting place and lots of visual interest for the kids. Not just rooms full of old cars lined up like some retro car park, the displays generally had some story to tell. One of the rooms covering local manufacturing included this Lister Autotruck, which reminded me of the Lister loco I built a couple of years back. This was designed as a self-powered factory trolley, but the loco and the vehicle shared the same design of engine and bonnet. 

I guess from it's condition and having probably spent more of it's life indoors (inside a factory) than a loco would have, that this example probably wears it's original paint, meaning I think I got the colour about right. I never noticed the orange strips on others though, I wonder if they were original?

One room featured transport toys, and whereas most of the museum featured vehicles that had links to the local area, or at least were historically significant, the displays in the toy section seemed much more random. One case included Egger and Lilliput HOe coaches amongst UK OO and continental HO trains .... odd!

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Unknown said...

If you liked the museum, you should give consideration to another visit as it recently opened again after a major reworking and upgrade.