Monday, 5 August 2013

Track Painting - The Quick Way!

Progress with the challenge layout has been a bit slow of late, with the good weather and holidays. And to make matters worse, we seem to have sold our house, and are frantically searching for a new one. This challenge was going to be tight enough without the disruption of moving house!

Anyway, the good weather did make good conditions for outdoor spray painting! This is the fast technique for painting track ... as you can see from the picture above I used red oxide, grey (both Halfords primer) and black (the dregs of whatever cans were in the garage). And lots of newspaper and masking tape.

The red oxide goes first, from the sides as well as above, followed by a light dusting of grey and black, mainly from above. Then a bit more red, and so on, until it looks OK. Finally while wet an off-cut of MDF wiped along the rail head cleans the track, it may need a good clean with a fibreglass stick too. All in less than 20 minutes, half of which was spent masking up the bits I didn't want painted!

Even close-up it looks OK, though I'm planning a wash of dirty brown and perhaps picking the wooden sleepers out in grey, before ballasting. Mind you it all depends on how much time I have!
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