Monday 1 July 2013

Integrated Lighting? Not Quite...

While I'm working on the points I thought I'd update you on how the layout will be lit. Rather than go for a full lighting rig for such a small layout I figured I'd use the same angle-poise type work lamp I used for Landswood Park. This relies on a G-clamp fixing, so rather than rely on it fitting to the table (table designs vary!) and to ensure it is high enough, while building the baseboard I incorporated a lighting attachment fixture.

By which I mean a block of wood! It fits into the recess behind the curved back-scene at one end, and as you can see this allows the lamp to sit at a good height over the layout providing an even light.

Sadly IKEA don't seem to sell this design of lamp any more, although this model appears quite similar, relying on an LED bulb instead of a fluorescent tube.
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JeffB said...

Looks great Michael! I'm always impressed with what you accomplish with a minimum of tools. True skill indeed!